Why We Homeschool

Our Story

Ryan and I first started throwing around the idea of homeschool when our oldest was a baby. He thought it would be a good idea, but I didnt think I could do it. Being a new mom was SO hard, and I longed for all that “me time” I used to have. I couldn’t imagine sacrificing that when I had the option to send my kids to public school. I also wasn’t sure I could teach them everything they needed to learn. I didn’t think I had the patience or the capacity for homeschool.

When Kender turned 3, I signed him up for preschool. It was only for a couple of hours every other day and his class was small. I loved it! It gave me a much needed break during the week, especially since I had another new baby.

The next year, I signed Kender up for preschool again. Tuition prices had gone up though, and I had been thinking about pulling him out and working with him at home instead. After chatting with a couple of homeschool friends, I actually became really excited about it and decided to give it a try. Preschool seemed easy enough, and we would save some much needed money.

We loved our little homeschool preschool, and we burned through our curriculum pretty fast. But as time went on, I began hearing my public school friends talk about how excited they were to send their kids to kindergarten and get a break. I started thinking that a break would be really nice, so I signed Kender up to start kindergarten at the local elementary school that fall.

To be honest, our story might look different if we could have done half day kindergarten. But our only option was full day. A full 6 hours apart, after being constantly together for so long. We tried it for a week, and at the end of that week I withdrew him so I could go back to homeschooling.

Everyone assured me that there would be an adjustment period, and everything would be fine after a couple of weeks, but it just felt so wrong. We both had so much anxiety, and Kender was always volatile when he got home. On top of that, I didn’t want to miss out on all those amazing moments we’d had while we were learning together at home.

It wasn’t easy to pull him out of public school. I worried that my decision was driven by fear, and that I was overreacting. I worked closely with Kender’s kindergarten teacher as I wrestled with my decision. She encouraged me to keep him enrolled in public school because it would be “good for him”. She was a wonderful teacher, and I really admired her, but nothing about it felt good to us. So I trusted God and took a leap of faith.

That’s how this journey began for us. I wish I could say “and we never looked back”, but there have been many times I was filled with so much self doubt. Once I even enrolled Kender back in public school, only to immediately withdraw him again! I felt completely crazy. We chose homeschool, and although it’s often very challenging, it’s been a huge blessing in our lives.

Homeschool has taught be to be more organized, more disciplined, and more patient. It has taught me to rely on the Lord, because there is no way I can succeed in this on my own. It has humbled me time and time again, and taught me how to be flexible and adapt when things aren’t working. I teach my children, and they teach me right back. We learn and grow together, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

What We Love About Homeschool:

  • Flexibility with Ryan’s crazy cop schedule (more family time!)
  • Each child can go at their own pace, whether that be faster or slower than their assigned “grade level”
  • Freedom to choose whatever curriculum I feel is best
  • I enjoy teaching my boys, witnessing their individual growth and learning, and planning their lessons
  • More quality time together strengthens our family bond
  • I get to dedicate more time to helping my boys develop a strong testimony of Christ from a young age
  • I can preserve their innocence and protect them physically and emotionally
  • I have the freedom to teach them about sensitive subjects (sex, gay marriage, drugs, violence, etc) in a safe and loving environment, at the time when I feel they are developmentally ready

Homeschooling is what I feel called to do. I didn’t feel qualified when we started, but God has been here to guide me every step of the way. He gives me peace when I begin to doubt myself. He always leads me to help when I need it. He has qualified me for this job, and I’m very grateful for the responsibility and opportunity I have to educate my children at home.