June 2020 Garden Tour

Tomorrow is the last day of June, and I'm pretty excited about all the growth we've had in our garden this month. Last year we struggled with poor soil and lack of know how and motivation to benefit as much as we could have from our garden. This year, we've worked hard to improve our so…

Drying and Storing Herbs

Tis the season for drying herbs! My oregano has gone crazy this year. I've already filled up one and a half pint jars of dried oregano, and made a batch of pesto and it's only June... Good thing I really like oregano pesto. 

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Since we live…

Getting Started With Meat Rabbits

We added a few new additions to our homestead! Three New Zealand Red rabbits - Chip, Rosie, and Daisy. 
Our goal in getting rabbits is to raise them for meat. We've culled and eaten a rooster before, but bunnies are a bit cuter. I know when it comes time to process our first rabbit, it's goi…
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